A Coming Home Story

I told my friends in Kansas City that I was heading home to attend my mother’s

funeral. Many thought of my home as Kansas City, but I have always referred to

Syracuse as “home”. My good friend Ted Kitten, a Kendall native, who has also

lived in Kansas City a long time feels the same way.

Well, Ted and I road-tripped to Syracuse on June 25th to pay respects to my

Mom Sally Scott, aka“Momo”.

Once in town, my first stop was to see Tim Kohart at Valley State Bank. I was

surprised to find out that my dad hired him to run the bank when he was still in

his twenties. The years have been good to Tim, and he was the perfect choice. It

was good to catch up on what was happening around town.

After cruising Main Street, our next stop was the pizzeria. I only had to travel 418

miles to get some good pizza! It was well worth the trip. We then checked into

The Boarders hotel, which was the perfect place for the whole Scott clan to be.

We had 12 hotel rooms and received the best in hospitality.

On Friday night, close friends and family met at the golf course for a dinner

hosted by Stan and Linda Englert. It was great to share excellent BBQ and

renew old friendships. It was such a blessing to see Barry Brown, David Black,

Keith Brown and Treg Hatcher. Treg hung out with my younger brother and sister

in high school, but he and I have developed a close friendship over the years at

the various class reunion get togethers. I also saw Rick Schmidt, and my kids

wanted to know who I was talking to with that long hair. I replied, “It was Rick.

You should have seen him when his hair was longer and had a mullet.” Their

response was a collective, “Ewwww.” Sorry, Rick!

Saturday, was all for my mom, Momo. The cemetery was hot and dusty and just

as I remembered it. Don Fellers did an excellent job with making all the

arrangements and ensuring everything went smoothly. Ardeen led a beautiful

service. It was so nice to see mom’s old friends, Sharon Englert and Laura

Graber. I couldn’t help remember hearing an old tape recording of Laura’s New

Year’s Eve speech after she had one too many. We kids were wondering why

she sounded so funny! We all shared a few stories and shed a few tears giving

mom a proper sendoff. It was a sorrowful drive back to town from the cemetery.

Following the service, we had a luncheon at the Black Bison. Tommy and Janet

Thomeczek were magnificent hosts. It was so good to finally meet Heath and 

Michele Boy. Mom never got to meet them in person, though she did paint a pet

portrait for them, but she would have agreed that they were the nicest of people.

I had been looking forward to seeing Dorothy Lockett but knew it would be

difficult. When I finally got to see her I completely lost it, which I knew was going

to happen. That is what happens when you care so much about someone. I had

a similar reaction when I saw my Aunt Pat Goss and cousin Shana Smith, who

came in for the funeral. I also saw Linda (Durler) Dinkel, whose mom (and my mom’s

best friend) suffered from the same terrible disease. I can’t tell you how much I

hate the word “cancer”. It has taken my mother-in-law, mom and dad, almost

taken my daughter, and has its claws in me. I pray that it is God’s will that I don’t

get taken, but take comfort in the fact that God is with me no matter the trial

(Isaiah 41:9-10).

A trip to Syracuse wouldn’t be complete without a journey to Ron and Linda

Brown’s farm where we are always welcomed like family. The black, flesh-eating

flies were very happy to see us, too! We got to take family photos in the wheat

field, and my grandkids ran around like they owned the place.

We just had to eat more pizza, so we came back to town and closed The Pizzeria down.

Perhaps my daughter said it best in her FaceBook post, “I’m glad we could bury

Momo here. It’s a good place with good people. I’m so thankful for my family,

and that we could all be here together, supporting each other. It’s what Momo

would have wanted.”

I realize how good it was to be HOME. It was a horrible thing for Momo to go

through, but knowing that she is at peace with God makes it easier for our family.

Thank you everyone for respecting and honoring my mom.

 With love,

Jack Scott and The Entire Momo Clan

(Hubbards, Scotts & Crocketts)



2020 Fall Homecoming

This year’s Syracuse High School homecoming is titled Home Sweet Homecoming.  Senior Candidates are Cara Wharton and Daniel Aguilar, Ally Corter and Brandon Pinto, and Wendy Gonzalez and Luis Perez. Junior representatives are Maddie Brownlee and Trevor Grubbs, Sophomore... [More]

Commodity Commission Candidates Face Nov. 30 Filing Deadline

Commodity Commission Candidates Face Nov. 30 Filing Deadline MANHATTAN, Kansas — Grain growers in western Kansas who plan to campaign for a seat on one of the  state's five grain commodity commissions — corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, wheat or sunflowers —... [More]


Taryn Parks, Nutrition Clerk and District Secretary for USD 494 reported, “All district students will receive free breakfast and lunch through the USDA program.” Parks explained that while much of the program is similar to the spring semester COVID-19 meal program... [More]

Kelley Snyder Killed in Wreck

Prayers for Kyle Roberts and family. His stepdaughter, Kelley Snyder, was killed in an accident. Many know her family. The late Deb Roberts, and siblings Melanie Kelley, Justin and Jacklyn Roberts. More details on service to follow later.  CSP Investigates Fatal Crash... [More]


9/11 And Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country

9/11 is a time when I feel helpless. It’s a tragedy that makes me stop and remember the evil in the world and those who fight for the good.  Many feel that way about the Oklahoma City bombing, or Vietnam, Korea, and World Wars. While Patriot Day is about remembering those who died there, it also reminds ME to honor those who fight for us.  Some wave flags on highways or hold rallies. Others hold memorial runs and events. 

This week on the 19th anniversary of September 11th, I would like to honor some of those from our county or those with ties to our community who serve our country today.

9/11 is a time when I feel helpless. It’s a tragedy that makes me stop and remember the evil in the world and those who fight for the good.  Many feel that way about the Oklahoma City bombing, or Vietnam, Korea, and World Wars. While Patriot Day is about remembering those who died there, it also reminds ME to honor those who fight for us.  Some wave flags on highways or hold rallies. Others hold memorial runs and events. 

This week on the 19th anniversary of September 11th, I would like to honor some of those from our county or those with ties to our community who serve our country today. 

KDHE amends travel quarantine list

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has amended its travel quarantine list to no longer include travel to Aruba and to also remove mandatory quarantine following attendance at out-of-state mass gatherings of 500 or more provided people wear masks... [More]


Labor Day Weekend at the Sand Dunes

Labor Day weekend found the Syracuse Sand Dunes park packed. Campers, pickups and tents were everywhere- on the east and west side of the bridge, under the trees, and at the campsites. 

There were 105 new one year OHV permits sold this weekend, 560 day passes, and all electrical spots were sold out and 47 dry camping spots sold nightly.

 City Administrator Brian Bloyd said, “Memorial Day weekend was our biggest weekend this year and this was about half of that. But still it was a bigger weekend than years before.” 



Wheatland Electric's 72nd Annual Meeting

At the 72nd Annual meeting of Wheatland Electric, several Syracuse individuals were honored. Randy Coleman, Stacey Addison-Howland, Alex Moser, and Ryan Thompson.  Randy Coleman began his career with Wheatland Electric when his aunt Barbara Coleman told him they were hiring... [More]

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Walking the Line

I have really been battling this week with standing up for what I believe in and still loving my brother or sister. What a hard line to walk. I don’t imagine I am the only one. I work hard to try to be loving and kind and understand that everyone I run into is doing their... [More]

Who's Doing The Dishes?

Isn’t it easy to see what others are doing wrong? Don’t you just want to go tell them how to do it better? Joyce Meyer is a pragmatic preacher  I have followed for many years. One saying she has is “you can’t help someone else if you have a sink full... [More]


A guy called yesterday about my google ranking. I don’t put much energy into my internet search engine ranking because the newspaper is local and not looking to be famous. I just need people to be able to find the Syracuse Journal if they are looking for it.  But... [More]


This year has been incredibly frightful and uncomfortable for many people. Every day seems tumultuous and uncertain. And I am smiling. Please understand I am not making light of COVID-19 or death. If anyone has had the misfortune of losing their job or their loved one, know... [More]

Guest editorial - Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia

Social media has been flooded with awareness and awakening to the horrid, not discussed issues of sexual trafficking of children and pedophilia. My dear friend Bethanie Popejoy, former Hamilton County Sheriff and has 22 years of law enforcement under her belt, wrote a facebook... [More]

Nothing to Say

It’s 10:00 AM and I have nothing to say. The paper is supposed to be at the printer right now. I spent last week and the entire weekend putting together a ten page paper and a 20 page fair insert. I have no opinion on anything. And my few moments on social media leave... [More]

Ask Me about 4-H

I stink. I have unopened bags of sheep feed in my vehicle I left overnight. My hair was wet when I got in my vehicle and now I am in my office and I smell.  Or I think I do. I haven’t had a sense of smell in 30 years at least.

I remember once walking down the street in New York City and I said to a friend, “Wow that steak smells great.” She burst out laughing and said, “Michele, that’s a bag of trash.” Oh.

Too Much Government?

My first job out of college was making coffee, ordering and serving food to clients, cleaning the edit rooms, and washing dishes in the kitchen of a video post production facility in New York City.  This was not my forte as I dropped so many glasses, that when they built a new facility they added carpet. Don’t say you don’t make a difference. LOL!

Back to my subject. A young lady who worked there called the Labor board complaining that we had to work on July 4th.

The owner got mad and took away our health insurance. Once he owed the wrong people some money and suddenly changed the rules that we would not be paid for another month. For people living paycheck to paycheck, this would break us. At the time I dreamed of a union job. I longed for the government to step in and help.

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JH Volleyball

The Syracuse jr high volleyball team faced Elkhart on Thursday, September 10. Then they traveled to Lakin Saturday, September 12 for their first tournament of the season.  According to head coach, Rhoni Gould, the girls showed great improvements.  “They are getting... [More]


Syracuse Bulldogs beat Sublette Larks

The SHS Bulldog football team faced the Sublette Larks at Sublette on Friday, September 4 for their season opener. The Bulldogs held the Larks for a final score of 25-0.  The Bulldogs are coached by Jordan Irsik, assisted by Jordan Wahlmeier, Casey Finlay and John Le. ... [More]



  Syracuse High School and Junior High School football teams held their scrimmages last Friday.  SHS Head coach Jordan Irsik said, “I thought our players did a great job on Friday night. They played with good energy and executed really well. I think it is important... [More]


Future Bulldog Girls Summer Basketball Camp

This is the third year for the camp and according to organizer and high school girl’s head basketball coach, Kendra Fyler, she wants to be able to reach out to younger girls, to build relationships and help them develop a love for sports. The first year she tried working with specific grades, but she feels there is a higher energy level with the four grades together. 



This is the second week coaches and athletes have been able to practice for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. Of the coaches interviewed, they all agree the athletes are working hard, have a positive attitude and they think it is due to their excitement of being back to practice... [More]


Schwieterman Runs Half Marathon

Although Sunday, May 17, 2020, was not the day local resident Kaylee Schwieterman imagined, it was still a monumental day.  Schwieterman, along with her brother planned to run a half marathon in Denver Colorado, in honor of the 20th year of their grandmother’s death,... [More]



Kansas State High School Association recently announced the All-League honors for the 2019-2020 basketball season.  According to Syracuse High School Athletics Director, Dan Delgado, the recipients are chosen by selections made by each individual coach.  The players... [More]


Varsity Boys Come Up Short at Sub-state

Syracuse met Pratt Skyline in Elkhart on Saturday night for the Sub- state finals, after beating Wichita County High School 48-36 in the semi finals. Packed stands and excitement filled the air as both teams came to win. In a great battle, the score changed hands by just a few... [More]

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Minnie Lou (Beem) Marshall

Minnie Lou (Beem) Marshall, 96 of Lakin, Kansas passed away on Sunday, September 20, 2020, at the High Plains Retirement Village in Lakin, Kansas. She was born on August 12, 1924 in Sharon Springs, Kansas, the daughter of Guy Beem and Emma D. (LaCost) Beem.    Minnie... [More]

James Harper

Mass of Christian Burial for Holly, Colorado resident, James Harper will be held at 10:00 a.m. and Rosary/Scripture Service at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at St. Frances of Rome Catholic Church in Holly, Colorado.  Interment will follow in the Holly Cemetery.... [More]

Loretta Marie Tyler

DODGE CITY – Loretta Marie Tyler, 71, died Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at her home in Dodge City She was born June 28, 1949 at Lamar, Colorado, the daughter of Herbert and Clara (Sharrock) Schale.  On September 7, 1978 she married Rev. William “Bill”... [More]

Viola J. Smoke

Viola J. Smoke was born January 23, 1931 in Syracuse, Kansas to Evan and Gladys Geiger.  She had two older sisters, Eva and Susie, and one younger brother John.  All have preceded her in death as well as her husband Loyal.  She is survived by her four children... [More]

Joan E. Molleker

Larned- Joan E. Molleker, 72, passed away September 4, 2020 at Via Christi St. Francis Hospital, Wichita. She was born May 5, 1948 in St. Francis, KS. the daughter of Amil Earnest and Jessie Marguerite Morlan Stunkel. An area resident since May of 1980, she was a legal secretary... [More]

Mary Nielsen

Mary Nielsen 1933-2020 Valley Memorial- Holly, CO   Mary Louise “Tootie” Nielsen passed away Friday August 28th, 2020 in Tribune, Kansas at Greeley County Hospital. Tootie Nielsen was born on January 26th, 1933 to Wiley and Esther Bowen in Florence,... [More]


Joyce Juanita Gayler Pearson

Joyce Juanita Gayler Pearson, 76, of Salina, passed away August 22, 2020. She was born July 22, 1944 in Syracuse, Ks. She worked in housekeeping for Dodge City Community College for over 12 years. She was preceded in death by her parents, Clay Gayler and Helen Martin Blevins;... [More]


Melvin Huser

Melvin Leroy Huser passed away July 12, 2020, in Gilbert Arizona, at the age of 82. He was prematurely taken by the “senseless” Coronavirus. Melvin was born August 6, 1937, in Syracuse Kansas, to parents, George and Vivian (Baum) Huser. He was the eldest of 5 boys.... [More]

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