9/11 And Honoring Those Who Serve Our Country


9/11 is a time when I feel helpless. It’s a tragedy that makes me stop and remember the evil in the world and those who fight for the good.  Many feel that way about the Oklahoma City bombing, or Vietnam, Korea, and World Wars. While Patriot Day is about remembering those who died there, it also reminds ME to honor those who fight for us.  Some wave flags on highways or hold rallies. Others hold memorial runs and events. 

This week on the 19th anniversary of September 11th, I would like to honor some of those from our county or those with ties to our community who serve our country today. 

Chief Warrant Officer Four  Shawn D. Burns  I joined the Army in July of 1992 as a Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic.  Over the years as I have moved around the world, from Germany to Afghanistan to South Korea which is where I am now.  I have always kept close ties with Syracuse Kansas always trying to stay in touch with as many people as I can.  When I was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas I would make frequent stops to see my Dad and Aunt Jeannie Miller several times a Month. I told my sister and brother that just because our dad has passed doesn’t mean that I won’t come back to western Kansas to visit. Over the last 27 years I have met a lot of people, but no one compares to the people of Syracuse Kansas. 

He joined the service in Garden City Kansas in July 1992

Basic Training was at AIT Fort Jackson, SC

Then onto Fort Carson Co  1993-1995, South Korea 1995-1996, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 1996-1998

He took a Break in Service to  Finish his Bachelor of Arts from Park University from 1998-2001.

He returned to service at Fort Benning, GA 2001-2005 He was locked down in Motor Pool as 9/11 happened.Later he was deployed to South Korea 2006-2009 and finished his Master’s Degree from Webster University.He moved on to Fort Sill, OK 2009-2012, then to  Vilseck Germany 2012-2014 (*Afghanistan)His next stop was Fort Riley, KS 2014-2017 and then Fort Hood, TX 2017-2019. He is now serving in South Korea since 2019.

Shawn is married to Dawnelle Burns, a certified firefighter, for 19 years and they have five children. Matthew (SGT US ARMY, Chris (lives in Texas), JR Burns (Student at Ohio University, Christopher (Student at Bowling Green University)and Shawndale III (Junior High School Bridgeport Texas)

If you would like to write him a note or call, his info is 

Shawn Burns, DML



Camp Humphreys, Korea

DSN: 756-5303

CELL: 010-9542-5941

Mike and Jeanie Miller’s son, Scott White graduated SHS in 1999. 

He furthered his education at Brown Mackie College and received his degree in 2001.He went on to Kansas Wesleyan from  2001- 2002 then to Sterling College until 2003 when he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds Rook league where he pitched. Then he went to Evansville, Indiana playing semi - pro baseball as a pitcher in 2004. 

He joined the Army in 2004. He started as an 11 Bravo in the 82nd Airborne Infantry unit in Fort Bragg, NC in 2005 as a Private First Class. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 during Operation Enduring Freedom. He converted to a 79 Romeo as a recruiter and quickly moved up the ranks. He currently runs a large recruiting company in Wichita, Kansas as a First Sergeant. 

Scott’s favorite part of the Army is that it allows him to experience many different parts of the world and meet new friends that become family. He has been married to his wife, Ashley,  since 2005. They have two daughters, Hayley and Madison, and two large fur babies, Max and Franklin.    

Cali Shamburg, 2008 SHS graduate, started her career in the Navy in  2009 at Lamore Naval Air station in California.  She spent approximately 4 years with the Black Aces 41 fighter squadron. Her job included avionics on F18 aircraft, launch and recovery,  going to the Persian gulf twice aboard the USS Stennis CVN 74, Cali also trained with the USS Nimitz CVN 68. 

   Cali then transitioned to New Orleans NOLA working with Cargo planes doing logistics, also working on her degree she had started. Living in Belle Chase, she was asked to be an extra in filming one day in NCIS NEW ORLEANS. While she was there she thought it would be cool to be air crew on one of those cargo planes, she put in for air crew, and got a different call with Tacamo. 

Tacomo is short for (Take Charge And Move Out) a United States military system of survivable communications links designed to be used in nuclear warfare to maintain communications between the decision-makers (the National Command Authority) and the triad of strategic nuclear weapon delivery systems.     

That job moved her to  Oklahoma City at Tinker air force base, although she is in the Navy. She started as air crew then became a supervisor, and is currently an instructor at the tech center for the Tacamo unit. 

E-6 AWV1 is her current rank, Petty Officer First Class.  Cali is very happy with her job and plans on making it a career. She has recently completed her Bachelor degree in general studies. 

   Cali married Natalie Wimett at the Botanical Gardens, September 4th in Oklahoma City, where they have made a home together for the past 2 years.

 Amongst the attendees were Garett & Dana Shamburg, Kathleen Shamburg, Brian Wimett father of Natalie and close friends that they work with, one of which wàs ordained and  performed the ceremony.

Let us not forget recent servicemen and women, Daniel Oquendo serving in South Korea.

Marco Medina Jacobo recently got back in June from a nine month deployment. He is still adjusting to things but coming back to Syracuse for a few days really helped. Jacobo said, “The letters I received from my community made my heart so happy and I am thankful for the kind thoughts. I could not reply to everyone as I was constantly on the move, but I reread every letter each night.” As of recent, he currently received orders to the Middle East to support a mission and will be leaving soon but luckily  will be spending Christmas in Europe before coming home. He will not have an overseas mailing address for the duration of this deployment due to the short timeframe. Jason Hart is at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and and Reece Hart is at Fort Drum in New York, and Aiden Rash

We thank you all for your service. 


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Marvin Weis served his country honorably in the U.S. Army as 2nd/8th Mechanized Infantry in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. 

“We got engaged and I got my draft notice. I went to basic training in Fort Bliss, TX.  At Fort Polk, Louisiana, I did my AIT- Advanced Individual Training. When I was done in August I got a three week leave and Janet and I got married on August 27th and left for Vietnam in early September.”

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